On going projects:

  • -Alternatives to conventional cages for laying hens. Reetta Palva
  • -Functional and technical solutions for service facilities in animal housing buildings. Eerikki Kaila
  • -Rural entrepreneurs as providers of green environmental care services. Seppo Pentti
  • -Specialisation of organic farms through co-operation. Markku Lätti
  • -Economically and nutritionally balanced grazing. Reetta Palva
  • -Best practises in feeding of large-size dairy cattle’s valued regarding economy and profitability of labour usage. Janne Karttunen
  • -Farmer as a Builder – Training and Development Project. Jarmo Lehtinen
  • -Drip irrigation and fertilization – methods to minimize the yield gap in horticultural crops in field. Elina Muuttomaa
  • -The management and development of the chopped firewood production process.Aki Jouhiaho
  • -Fire safety of heating - guidebook for farms. Harri Solmio
  • -Success factors of small-scale sawmilling enterprises. Pertti Hourunranta 

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