Northern Clay Plaster Project - NCPP


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10/2012 - 09/2014




Project Manager Marja Salmenmäki, Kalle Laine, Minna Kuusela, Heli Mäntylä, Timo Pitkänen


CIMO, funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo Innovation Transfer, LLP -Programme


F.A.L. e.V./European School for Earthbuilding, Wangelin, Germany,
The Craft Laboratory, University of Gothenburg, Mariestad, Sweden,
Estonian University of Life Sciencse, Institute of Forestry and Rural Building, Tartu, Estonia,
The Centre for Ecological Construction Luomura, Finland and
Saviukumaja OÜ, Põlva, Estonia


Northern Clay Plaster Project, Professional Qualification for Working with Natural and Sustainable Building Materials (NCPP)

The idea of long-term sustainable development on the earth and new standards and targets on EU-level as well as the growing need for ecological building materials and a rising demand for people who know how to handle these. This was the background for the LdV pilot project "Clay Plaster" (D/02/B/F/PP-112 695) that developed a Curriculum and pedagogical materials. The project has won the best practice award of the German National Leonardo Agency BiBB.

Our project will transfer this successful project material into three EU-member states in the North: Estonia, Sweden and Finland. Using earth or clay as building material has a century old tradition in these countries, but in the last 50 years, the focus on modernism and technology has interrupted this local know-how. Currently, no professional qualification materials for clay plaster exist in these countries.

Therefore, the objectives of this transfer of innovation project are a.o.
• to contribute to amelioration of the ecological and energy balance in the construction of buildings

• to transfer the modular curriculum for “Clay Plaster” into professional qualification schemes in Estonia, in Finland and in Sweden

• to add didactic and organisational products that will facilitate the recognition of the qualification and the information of the stakeholders

• to add Estonia, Finland and Sweden to those EU-countries, where it is possible to take ECVET Earth Building examinations and collect qualifications in small accessible units of learning outcomes at various levels, across Europe. The aim is for these examinations is to count towards existing vocational qualifications in the countries of the European Union.

The main products are:
• three customised versions of the curriculum “Clay plaster” for Estonia, Finland, Sweden, that take into account not only linguistic aspects, but also climatic, sociological and cultural aspects in the three target countries

• three versions of didactic Guidelines that will be used for the assessment of technical/professional and transversal competences that can be acquired in such qualification, and for accreditation and recognition procedures for certifying institutions

• three versions of an Implementation Concept that will demonstrate how to put these materials into the learning practice, i.e. raising the interest of educational policy makers as well as the building industry and their training organisations.

• on the basis of the European Qualification Framework and of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training, to bring to the three target countries a system that the LearnWithClay Project has developed, with ECVET Earth Building, which makes possible the acquisition, assessment and transfer of learning outcomes in this specialist area.

ECVET Earth Building and the Northern Clay Plaster Project will make qualifications within the earth building sector transparent and comparable also in the Northern EU-countries.

Northern Clay Plaster Project, Professional Qualification for Working with Natural and Sustainable Building Materials, no 2012-1-FI1-LEO05-09362, started 1.10.2012.  The two-year project has been funded funded by the CIMO European Commission, Leaonardo Innovation Transfer  Lifelong Learning Programme, LLP

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